Overcoming Shyness and Anxiety

Shyness and anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction. Ideas for helping you to deal with Shyness and anxiety to improve your love life

Shyness and Anxiety are created internally and can ruin any chances you might have to live a rich, full life.

These conditions cause you to freeze and not react to other people in a harmonious way that might otherwise have endeared people to you.

You might feel that you should say something to another person, but you are stuck with fear of something terrible happening if you do.

One of the most damaging ways that anxiety can strike is a common occurrence. Such as where a man will act in a silly or strange way if speaking to a beautiful woman.
When a man approaches an attractive woman he might find that his mind goes blank for a moment, suddenly he cannot speak or say anything sensible.

When you approach a woman and your mind goes blank, you will probably have a surprised look on your face and your mouth will fall open..

You might try to speak and you end you saying something weird or really stupid.

Just image it; If you were this woman and a stranger approached you talking gibberish with their mouths wide open, would you think this is a bit odd?

Would you think; that person is a creep?

Stress and Anxiety are socially crippling and limit how far you can go in life.

How different would your life be if you could stay claim and speak slowly and normally in situations such as approaching women, during jobs interviews and doing business with others

Whatever you do in life, you will need to be able to talk and interact with other people in a socially acceptable way so they develop trust and acceptance of you.

The good news is that you can overcome stress anxiety attacks if you choose to take action and deal with it.

It’s very rare that someone is suffering stress and anxiety reactions because of a traumatic experience.
In this situation you should search for a trained counsellor for help.

I speak to a lot of men about dating anxiety, and I found out that a lot of “normal men” can suffer cold sweats and shortness of breath anxiety and theirs minds going blanking when asked to walk over and say hello to an attractive woman.

This article is for men and women do not want to be victims of their own minds and the learn how to have the confidence to speak to people and deal with situations without the feeling of wanting the ground to open up and swallow them up.

It’s kind of strange that men who can fight, run businesses play sports and are perfectly capable of most things in life can suffer from these debilitating attacks.

The good news is that it is not hard but it does require determination and bravery) to overcome stress and anxiety.

I have asked some of these men what is it that they fear the most when anxiety strikes?

The answer most give is that they think that the woman will insult them.

In what way I ask?

Most often they say “I don’t know “.

So, it seems that, in the dating game, a least, that someplace in their mind is a memory that links beautiful women with insults.

As far as I could tell, with these friends, they could not remember any actual events when they were insulted by a woman.

Councillors spend their careers working with people who are suffering from unfounded fears and the effect of memories from unremembered unresolved events.

The entire councilling industry is built on what we hold in the dark recesses of our minds.

We are strange beings with our uncontrolled complex minds and emotions.  we can often react to simple situations in extreme ways causing more anxiety more fear and leading to a withdrawal from normal interactions with others and a lack of confidence and conceding a full enjoyable life.

You can change your life for better once you decide to want to do so.

Because you and I perceive the world through our own rose-tinted spectacles, it is a personal choice how we decide to react to situations, but it’s your reactions that will determine the path of your entire life.

Once you decide to take control of your internal programming you can take charge of your life and do the things you thought you couldn’t do before.

Knowing that you can change how you react to life situations is a powerful notion that can make your life richer.

You may not want to spend $1000’s to have counselling to help you deal with internal fears. I am a big believer that we all need help to re-centre ourselves, every successful person I have research has a mentor or counsellor to keep them moving forward.

If you are not sure about spending, vast sums of money right now, you should look into some self-help solutions to being with. (I am also a great believer in self-help solutions too as the Internet make so much great information available).

I have been looking into different self-help counselling and psychology solutions and books and I found these great tips from someone with a proven track record of helping people and had had an effect on my own life.

There are some great tips and information about dealing with shyness and anxiety that you might not find anywhere else.

Check these tips for helping you to deal with stress and Anxiety.  Don’t let unrealised fears stop you from living an amazing life.

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