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Age and erectile dysfunction

The common myth of age and erectile dysfunction.

“Women often think that younger men are better lovers, but this could be because it is thought that they have higher energy levels and harder erections”.

Older men are better lovers

This is not necessarily the case you will be glad to know, but the problem is that many women think that.

Age and erectile dysfunction is in the common consciousness and it is hard to dispel a myth, just like the myths about all black men having massive phalli, or that all accountants are pretty boring people.

Whatever the reason for the age and erectile dysfunction myth, it is something that you should not allow to affect your love life.

For one thing, older men have a lot more experience that younger men when it come to love making, and this normally means the older man will satisfy women more and make her orgasm far more frequently that younger men do.

Many younger women prefer older men because they have had far more satisfying encounters with older men then with youngsters.
Mostly women prefer an older man’s touch to the usual wild bronco show that younger men exhibit in a frantic effort to get themselves off.

Also, mature men are more patient and less likely to accuse women of being frigid if they do not come.
The younger man is often more interested in himself, and he desperately tries to get her off before he uncontrollably explodes after a few minutes.

There is absolutely no solid evidence of a connection between age and erection dysfunction; the issue may be one of general health and condition rather than ED.

On, we are always trying to send a message that good general health and diet will make you a better lover.

No one wants to make love to someone that can hardly hold themselves up while making love, or who pants like an old hog or sweats at the first bit of action.

Staying healthy and fit will ensure that you can do things in your life that bad health can rob you off.

A few sessions of light exercise is more that enough, pushups, jogging, regular health checks, good diet and not over indulging in alcohol and cigarettes can go a long way ensure that you are attractive for your lover.

You don’t have to be James Bond, you just need to adopt a training plan that you can stick to.

Invest in an exercise mat, and search YouTube for some easy core, and upper body strength routine and you’ll give any youngster man a good run for his money, and hopefully teach him a few things also.

One More Point.
I could not know about you, but I learned about sex and love making from a few loud mouth types that used to hang around.

They were always generous enough to tell younger boys about how the shagged this girlfriend and that and how that girl is in love with them now.

When I started finding myself alone with women, this was the only information I had to go off, and I tried copying from what I had heard.

I didn’t release anything was wrong until one day a bold girl asked me “if that was it?”
I didn’t understand as I had followed “Eric’s” instructions to the letter and all the girls fell in love with him after all.

Of course, I was too embarrassed to talk to Eric about this episode, as I had obviously missed some important points during my lesson.

Much later I began to release that everything I knew about making love was all rubbish and that these lads had probably at the time fantasized all that they were telling me about their sexual encounters.

Soon after I learned that for ages, men of certain upbringing had been schooled in that art of love making and that this whole thing was, in fact, an art form that had more depth to it than I had ever imagined.

At an early relativity age, I began studying the art of love making from books. I also started talking to my partners and turned sex from a rather serious and determined operation to fun and shared experienced.

I had learned a lot by the time I was 30, and I discovered more and more good material on love making more readily available.

I am shocked now how people laughed when discussing the Karma Sutra or The Lovers’ Guide in the past, I can okay assume that the laughed because they knew everything there was to know about lovemaking and sex, they or were just embarrassed to talk about it.

We believe that regular, good sex is the basis of a loving and trusting marriage or relationship.

Women and men will discover that if they have a deep sexual understanding, many of the life problems that we encounter will be easier to deal with together.

Rather that assume, it would be good if men tried reading some good books and articles on the subject.

Hundreds of men do now study the most important social skill there is, but if you have been shy to do this and can admit that maybe you can learn more about becoming a good lover, then try one of the books suggested below as a starting point.
You can read these in the privacy of your ebook reader or Kindle and become a wiser lover if not a great lover.
The issue may not be about age and Erectile dysfunction; it may be just one of ignorance induce ED.

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